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A strong, close-knit team will provide you with great results. Forces training is built around teamwork is the key to success in almost all scenarios, be they corporate or sporting.  Staff who feel like they are of a valued part of a team are more productive, conscientious and thorough.  Collectively they achieve more. It therefore follows that fostering such team spirit is a wise move.

Military Mentors can provide a wide range of corporate team building and leadership focused events.  They can be tailored to suit the needs of each client and we can assist you in choosing what type of event would best fit your requirements.
These events need not be expensive and are designed to get your team thinking, planning, working and laughing together.  To see what other organisations thought of their day, please see our Testimonials.

Fun Days / Fun Sessions
Should you be looking to provide your team with a Fun Day or Fun Session then we can certainly provide you with that!  Just call and give us details of what you are looking for and for how many people and we will suggest a tailor made programme for you which you can add to, tweak or change as you wish.  BBQ’s, Hog Roasts, a variety of food and beverages can also be made available.  Some ideas include:

  • Toxic Waste – Teams plan then remove ‘Toxic Waste’ from hazardous area
  • Hostage Rescue – Teams plan then execute the rescue of a hostage caught by the enemy
  • Raft Building – Can your team build and sail a raft before the other teams do?
  • The Big Dilemma – Scenario based on deceit, a love affair, illicit liaisons, betrayal, and a few alligators with some thuggery thrown in.  This always gets very vocal with divided opinions!
  • Save the Baby – Will your team be able to rescue the baby from shark infested waters?
  • Assault Course Challenge – Teams compete over, under and through a variety of  obstacles. Gets very competitive and you may well get a bit mucky!
  • Space Hopper Football / Netball – Bounce about like a bunch of kids trying to play the game.  You cannot help but laugh whilst playing! Good for the thighs as well!

This is just a snap-shot of some of the games etc we can offer.  Each client is unique and we can tailor your event to exactly what you need. Just give us a call with your ideas, numbers and we will work with you to come up with a package to suit your needs and budget.

My guys had a great time a with Military Mentors during our team-building day. They came back buzzing and we are already looking for a date for our next event with Military Mentors. It made a huge difference to the team spirit and has really gelled the guys together.

Dr Ian Swift PhD, MBA, FBCS, FAATManaging Director - Chancellor-Consulting